Why Partner With Us ?

Australian Fire Protection is a one stop shop specialising in fire safety training and compliance. We have been assisting different businesses ranging from Corporate Clients, Age Care Facilities, Hotels, High- Rise Buildings, Schools & Kindergartens, Cinemas, Shopping Centres, Hospitals, Medical Facilities, Industries large and small to remain compliant by ensuring they meet the requirements of the QLD Building Fire Safety Regulations.

Our trainers are qualified Fire Safety Advisers with field experience so we  are able to tailor our courses to suit your needs. Our training sessions are engaging, intuitive and easy to follow.  Our ethos is to consistently deliver on our promises to supply our clients with a higher than normal industry standard in training and emergency preparedness.

Fire Extinguisher / First Response Training

Provides staff with essential first response evacuation procedures and also in the use of fire extinguishers, fire hoses reels and fire blankets. 

Do I Need First Response Training?

The Qld Building Fire Safety Regulations requires all staff to be properly trained in first response procedures every 2 years.  

This training course provides participants with essential Fire and Evacuation Instructions to ensure they are equipped with the necessary life skills and knowledge to deal with small workplace fires promptly and safely. 

Fire Warden Training

Provide key staff with the necessary skills to take on the role of Fire Wardens during an emergency. 

Do I Need Warden Training?

Wardens are trained in evacuation coordination procedures, identifying and responding to different workplace emergencies as detailed in Australian Standards 3745.  Having skillfully trained Fire Wardens that operate together as part of an Emergency Control Organisation will ensure that your building occupants are evacuated to a safe place in a timely manner. 

Australian Standards 3745 requires Wardens to receive training / skills retention activities at 6 monthly intervals

Chief Warden Training / Evacuation Coordinator

Provide key staff with the necessary skills to take on the role of a
Chief Warden or Evacuation Coordinator.  

Do I Need An Evacuation Coordinator?

The Chief Wardens / Evacuation Coordinators are trained in the responsibilities of taking on this role to ensure the safety of building occupants during an emergency. The training also provides the Chief Warden / Evacuation Coordinator with the skills required to operate and use the Fire Indicator Panel or Emergency Warning and Intercommunication System.

The Qld Building Fire Safety Regulations 2008 requires all Evacuation Coordinators to be trained within 30 days of taking on this role and then annually.

Evacuation Sign & Diagram

We update or prepare Evacuation Diagrams for your building that are clear to understand.

Are Your Evacuation Diagrams Compliant?

The Qld Building Fire Safety Regulation 2008 requires every building to have Evacuation Diagrams displayed in a conspicuous position on the evacuation routes of the building, The Evacuation Diagrams must show the following fire safety reference points i.e. your location in the building, the nearest exit routes, the location of fire alarms and fire fighting equipment and the designated assembly area. The Evacuation Diagrams must be securely attached to a wall and orientated to the building layout.

Fire and Evacuation Plan

We review or prepare a Fire and Evacuation Plan for your business. The Fire and Evacuation Plan is a comprehensive document detailing the procedures of the business when responding to and managing fire and other emergencies.

Is Your Fire and Evacuation Plan in the specified Form?

The Building Fire Safety Regulation 2008 requires every building to have a written Fire and Evacuation Plan in place.  The Plan must be in the specified form and be adaptable to other emergencies.

Fire Safety Compliance Audit

We conducted a Fire Safety Compliance Audit to assist owner / occupiers in managing their compliance with the Fire and Rescue Service Act 1990 and the Building Fire Safety Regulation 2008

Is Your Business Compliant?

A Comprehensive Fire Safety Audit and Risk Assessment of your building is undertaken taking into account your building evacuation procedures.

Owner / occupiers in Queensland have a legal obligation to ensure the safety of any person in their building in the event of a fire or hazardous materials emergency.

Fire Safety Adviser Services

We take on the role as your Building Fire Safety Adviser providing advice to the occupier to ensure that appropriate emergency planning and instructions are carried out at the prescribed times and intervals

Have you appointed a Fire Safety Adviser?

The QLD Building Fire Safety Regulations requires all High Occupancy buildings to appoint a staff member or external provider to the role of Fire Safety Adviser. 

Evacuation Exercise

We visit your workplace to supervise and oversee your evacuation exercise / drill to test your emergency response procedures. We will provide the scenario and structure for the exercise, observe the effectiveness of the response and provide constructive feedback in the form of a debrief and a post exercise report.​

Does your workplace run annual evacuation exercises?

Annual evacuation exercises are essential for every business to rehearse as it tests the effectiveness of your building emergency response procedure and continually build awareness for both staff and fire wardens. The Building Fire Safety Regulation requires the occupier of a building to conduct an evacuation exercise of the building or workplace annually to test the effectiveness of your building emergency procedures.

To consistently deliver on our promises to supply our clients with a higher than normal industry standard in training and emergency preparedness and to provide businesses with quality client focused solutions for all their fire safety compliance needs
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