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Why Choose Australian Fire Protection?

Evacuation Diagrams are required in all workplaces under Australian Standard 3745. In QLD, the Building Fire Safety Regulations 2008 requires Evacuation Diagrams to be located along the evacuation path for all class 2 to 9 building over 300m2.

Australian Fire Protection has been helping businesses to remain  compliant by preparing Evacuation Diagrams that are complaint to current regulations. Our diagrams are customised to reflect your company and are designed to accurately show all regulatory requirements. The Evacuation diagrams are produced in A3 colour for common areas and A4 colour for residential units. The Evacuation Diagrams are laminated as a standard finish to ensure durability but are also available in other finishes such as acrylic, brushed metal or aluminium snap frames if required.

Our diagram mark-ups are completed on-site to ensure accuracy, to determine the best diagram positioning and also your safe assembly areas. The Evacuation Diagrams are emailed to you for pre-approval prior to printing and also on final completion for safe keeping. 

Evacuation Diagrams Gold Coast
Gold Coast Evacuation Diagram Sign

Included in The Evacuation Diagram:

  • The place that corresponds to the place in the building where the sign is displayed
  • The route to the nearest exit.
  • Each exit of the building.
  • Any intercommunication points.
  • The location of manually operated alarms.
  • The location of any fire fighting equipment.
  • The designated assembly area.
  • The route from each exit to the Assembly area.

We service Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast.

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