Fire Safety Compliance Audit

Have peace of mind by performing an onsite fire safety compliance audit and risk assessment to ensure that your current maintenance regime complies with the QLD BFSR. 

'Save lives, because it is better to be safe than sorry.'

​Why Choose Australian Fire Protection?

Australian Fire Protection provide businesses large and small with affordable and professional advise to ensure that they are compliant with the requirements of the Qld Building Fire Safety Regulations. A fire safety compliance audit provides businesses with the peace of mind to determine what needs to be attended so they are compliant.

A comprehensive Fire Safety Compliance Audit and Risk Assessment of your building is undertaken to ensure that the maintenance of prescribed fire safety installations occurs at the prescribed intervals. This also includes your building evacuation procedures such as Egress Paths, Final Exits, Assembly Areas and Fire and Evacuation Plan. The typical time for an audit is 4 hrs to a full day dependent on the size of the facility. A detailed Fire Safety Compliance report is then provide for your record. The report gives you an insight into where you are currently at and the areas that require attention to be compliant.

Benefits of a Fire Safety Compliance Audit on the Gold Coast

  • A review of your Evacuation Signs and Diagrams to ensure they are compliant
  • A review of your building Fire & Evacuation plan to ensure it meets the specified Queensland format
  • A review of all your fire records to ensure that maintenance of your building prescribed fire safety installations is being undertaken at the required interval as required by AS 1851. (maintenance fire systems and equipment)
  • A review of your training records ie General Evacuation, First Response Evacuation and Evacuation Coordination Instructions are being done at the required intervals
  • Evacuation Practice records
  • Discussion with key staff to address any fire safety concerns.
  • A details report outlining any non-compliance and corrective actions required.
  • The Evacuation route and final exits
  • Review of exit door protocols

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