Fire Warden Training

Ensure your Fire Wardens can  ensure the safe evacuation of all occupants during an emergency

'Save lives, because it is better to be safe than sorry'


Why Choose Australian Fire Protection?

Australian Fire Protection provides Fire Warden Training to both Corporate and and large to small businesses for many years. Our training is both engaging, intuitive and are conducted by experienced trainers who can walk you through the requirements of Fire Wardens during an emergency. Emergency response training minimises impact during a crisis situation if staff are trained to respond appropriately.

This Training course will equip your staff with the skills required to engage as a fire warden during an emergency. The course also covers the duties of fire wardens during emergencies such as: Fires, Chemical Incidents, Lock-down and Bomb threats. By training a select number of fire wardens and conducting regular training, your staff are always ready to deal with workplace emergencies.

      Client Testimonials

      • Very impressive & useful training not just for work place also related to other situation
      • "Well covered – great that informaton is all provided for home use/out of work environment. Very well presented and informative"
      • "Very informative. Engaged my staff. Trainer made suggestions for change which is appreciated"
      • "Personally this was one of the better courses I’ve been involved in"
      • Yes, showed things that were not included in previous fire courses. Great work!
      • Upbeat, full of energy for potentially day topic
      • Yes very good. Particularly at short notice and was exactly what we needed for our manager
      • Yes. Very informative and in depth. Was not boring which is a bonus


The QLD BFSR requires for all Evacuation Coordinators to be properly trained every year.

Training Covers

- Fire Warden Duties
- Role of ECO
- Emergencies

Class Size

25 Participant

Course Duration

1.5 hrs


Your premises

Consistently deliver on our promises to supply our clients with a higher than normal industry standard in training and emergency preparedness

Australian Fire Protection


Australian Fire Protection now offers a 100% Money Back Guarantee for all training services if you are unsatisfied.

AFP offers higher than normal industry standard training and guarantee's that you will walk away trained effectively and satisfied.

If not we offer to send a New Trainer completely free to redo the course or offer a full refund, we wouldn't offer it if we didnt believe we are great at what we do and we know you'll think so too.

Benefits of our Fire Warden Training Gold Coast and topics covered

  • Role of the Emergency Planning committee and Emergency Control Organisation (ECO)
  • Australian Standard 3745-2010 - AS 3745-2010
  • Planning for emergencies in facilities
  • Australian Standard AS 4083-2010 - Health care facilities
  • Different Types of emergencies that requires evacuation
  • Understanding your fire and evacuation plan
  • Understanding your evacuation sign and diagrams
  • Fire Warden / ECO Identification
  • Fire Warden roles , duties and responsibilities
  • Evacuation Coordinator procedures
  • Emergency Colour Code
  • Assembly Area rules
  • Lockdown guidlines
  • Bomb Threat Procedures
  • Human Behaviour during an emergency
  • Post and Pre Evacuation Activities