Fire Safety Adviser Service (FSA) 

The QLD Building Fire Safety Regulations requires all High Occupancy buildings to appoint a staff member or external provider to the role of Fire Safety Adviser (FSA). 

'Save lives, because it is better to be safe than sorry.'

Why Choose Australian Fire Protection?

Australian Fire Protection (AFP) is currently appointed in the role as Fire Safety Adviser for many Australian businesses. For business that don’t want the hassle and expense of training and appointing key staff members to undertake this role, we assume the role of Fire Safety Adviser for your building/business on an annual or bi-annual contract basis.

As part of our FSA role, a comprehensive Fire Safety Audit and Risk Assessment of your building is undertaken taking into account your building evacuation procedures which includes Egress Paths, Final Exits, Assembly Areas, Evacuation Signs and Diagrams and Fire and Evacuation Plan. The typical time for an audit is 4 hrs to a full day depending on the size of the facility. A detailed Fire Safety audit report is then provide for your review. The audit report will give you an insight into the areas that require attention to ensure compliance. 

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When is Fire Safety Adviser services required:

  • A fire Safety Adviser is only required for high occupancy buildings, where 30 or more employees are employed or are likely to be employed at the workplace for a total of any 40 days during the year
  • Class 2 or 3 building that is more than 25m in height
  • Class 6 or 9b building that the commissioner has decided is an at risk licensed building

The Benefits of an Adviser:

  • Peace of mind
  • Provide advice to the occupier to ensure that appropriate emergency planning has taken place
  • Provide advice to the occupier to ensure that appropriate instruction is carried out at the prescribed times and intervals
  • Attend site at least once per year to undertake a full compliance audit and provide you with a report highlighting any issues. If you require more frequent visit please let us know
  • Attend site at least once per year for 1 x 6 monthly records audits and provide you with a report highlighting any issues (optional)
  • Being available to key staff by phone or email to advise on an any issues in regards to fire and safety
  • Whilst on site we are also able to assist you with a meeting of your building Emergency Planning Committee if required (recommended annually)